Dementia Care

dementia careCare to Continue provides individuals with dementia professional care that gives them the support they need to complete daily living tasks and the comfort they deserve to continue living their best life. We provide our memory care services in the comfort of your home, and are flexible to provide unique care for each patient’s unique needs. Our caregivers are trained to be knowledgeable about techniques required to care for individuals with various severities of dementia in order to provide the best care. Not only are our caregivers professional and experienced, but they are also passionate about the care they provide. Helping individuals and families through dementia care is what we love to do.

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Our caregivers

We understand that the person who is going to be taking care of your loved one with dementia is just as important as the dementia care itself. That’s why Care to Continue caregivers undergo a rigorous hiring process to ensure that we provide you with the best caregivers around. Our caregivers are not only required to complete an intensive Care to Continue® training program, but also undergo a 50 state background check, a pre-employment drug screen, multiple verifiable references, CPR certification, first aid certification, and requirements for licensure verification to perform home care services. Providing you with the most trusted and qualified caregivers for dementia care is part of the experience with Care to Continue.

Dementia Care Services

Our dementia care is offered to fit a wide range of needs and can be customized based on the severity of the individual with dementia. We understand that unlike basic home care services, dementia care services must be tailored to fit the specific symptoms and challenges associated with the varying levels of dementia. Our Care to Continue caregivers bring their expert dementia care to you so that your loved one can remain in the environment where they feel most safe and secure. Our caregivers have been trained to be able to provide the best home care for individuals in any stage of dementia and work hard to ensure that the individual with dementia is still able to live their best life.

Those with dementia often struggle to complete simple, daily tasks that were once easy to do. Part of our dementia care is completing the daily tasks that dementia can cause individuals to forget to do such as cleaning, laundry, bathing, and cooking. These services, and many more, are offered to not only help the individual with dementia stay safe and healthy, but also to help them continue to live a dignified and full life. As our caregivers provide basic tasks, they also work on providing companionship to the individual to keep them active and encouraged. We are more than caregivers, we are helpful friends. We want your loved one with dementia to be safe in their home, active in their daily life, and encouraged to shine with their beloved personalities.

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