Post-Hospital and Recovery Care for Seniors

Need Post-Hospital or -Rehab Support?

We’ve all heard stories of Seniors “going downhill” after a fall or hospital stay. It doesn’t need to be that way. We can help you get the support you need.

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Risks of Transitioning Home

When you have a loved one who is coming back home after a hospital stay or a time in a facility, there is a critical period of transition time. There are issues like hydration, nutrition, safety, even managing the risk of falling, and bathing. These are the critical things that have to be done well in order for someone to really be able to recuperate and not be readmitted.

Recovery Care

As a family member dealing with new needs that your loved one has never had before, what do you do? Transitioning home is dangerous, and it is a critical moment of care.

What if you had a caregiver by your loved one’s side? Think of the caregiver as the eyes and ears of your family. They’re there to make sure that medications are taken on time and to make sure that the bath and other important daily routines are done as they should be done.

 Our Caregivers Understand the Mission of Transitional Care

We want you to know that our caregivers understand the mission of transitional care. They understand because we’ve trained them to understand that your loved one, when they’re being admitted back home, stays at home successfully. That’s the kind of caregiver we have at Care to Continue®.

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