Home Care Athens GA

Home Care Athens GA

Taking care of your loved ones in order to help them thrive in their home is more than just our job, it’s our passion. We work hard to help seniors live active, productive, and fulfilling lives with the help and support of a professional caregiver. Our home care Athens Ga is so effective because it was designed specifically by caregivers and seniors. We’ll help you keep living your best life at home so that you can relax and enjoy each day.

About Care to Continue

Care to Continue began when founder Dave Stearns gathered with 26 seniors and learned about how they believed home care services could enrich, support, and improve their lives. Using this insight, he started Care to Continue to ensure that seniors just like them would be able to continue living their best lives with the help of a caregiver. Because our story began with recommendations directly from those in need of home care, our services are effectively tailored towards providing the best home care in Athens GA.

Home Care Athens Services

Our services are provided by caregivers who perform “homemaker” and personal care tasks. Each service plan is tailored specifically to the client and based on their individual needs and schedules. For many, we provide medication reminders, fall prevention, transportation for errands and basic housekeeping tasks. More specific tasks can include meal preparation, exercise support, laundry, bathing, dressing, eating, and transferring.

Our caregivers are fully certified and trained before ever meeting with a client to perform home care Athens GA services. Before being hired by Care to Continue, caregivers undergo a 50-state background check, a pre-employment drug screen, multiple verifiable references, intensive caregiving training, CPR certification, first aid certification, and licensure verification. Although our caregivers do not provide medical services, they are equipped to do just about everything else. Our services can be as intensive as ensuring your loved one is staying safe and healthy at home alone or as relaxed as simply providing an elderly adult who has dementia with the friendship they need to live a fulfilled life.

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Home Care vs. Home Health Care

So what’s the difference? Both types of care are provided to elderly adults in need of extra assistance in their homes. However, home care is NOT home health care. Home health care services are clinical and require a different license from the Department of Community Health of Georgia than home care. Here at Care to Continue, we are licensed home care professionals. Although home care and home health care are similar practices and are terms that are commonly used interchangeably, they are not exactly the same.

Home Care – Here at Care to Continue, we provide home care services for the Athens GA community. Our caregivers are trained to provide elderly adults with care to help them live more comfortably, as well as special care for those with dementia. The care we provide is considered non-clinical and is more similar to companion or personal care.

Home Health Care – Unlike home care, home health care is considered clinical and is provided by a registered nurse or skilled medical professional. A home health care professional may provide services similar to those which would happen in a hospital, and often provide assistance to individuals who have returned home from the hospital. Home health care professionals are licensed specifically to be able to perform tasks as medical tests, monitoring health status, and wound care.

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