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stroke care

After your loved one has a stroke, the care they need can be overwhelming. Even simple tasks may seem hard for them to accomplish on their own. You don’t have to take on the responsibility of being their caregiver alone. Care to Continue provides stroke care services tailored to your individual needs and allows you to continue with your daily tasks while assured that your loved one is well-taken care of.

Although Care to Continue does not provide medical attention for individuals after a stroke, we can provide the assistance they need while they are recovering. After a stroke, many individuals need help preparing meals, cleaning their home, running errands, reminders for medications, transport to and from medical appointments, help with laundry, and assistance returning to beloved hobbies. Life doesn’t have to change completely after a stroke! Let our experienced caregivers offer your loved one the stroke care they deserve to help them return to their normal life.

Recovering from a stroke

Those who have experienced a stroke often experience a drastic change in life style during their recovery period. No longer are simple tasks easy to perform and suddenly necessary chores become sidelined to doctors visits and appointments.

After working with a variety of individuals who have experienced a stroke, here are some of Care to Continue’s tips for recovery.

Maintain a well-balanced diet

What you eat affects how your body is able to recover. Limit the amount of processed sugars, sodium, and cholesterol you are intaking from food, and ensure that your diet is abundant in fruits and vegetables. With stroke care from Care to Continue, your loved one will never have to worry about preparing healthy meals as our caregivers are able to prepare and help with eating a well-balanced diet.

Be Conscious of your limitations

After a stroke, it’s easy for an individual to want to return to life as normal. However, accepting help, even if only temporarily, is the best way to ensure a healthy recovery. By allowing a caregiver to take over simple tasks such as laundry, cleaning, and cooking, an individual is able to focus more on their stroke recovery.

Change your home to your new change in lifestyle

A stroke can leave some individuals in a wheel chair or walker for a period of time. To ensure safety and to make life at home easier, take steps to updating your home to fit this new way of living. For example, removing excess furniture from a living room can make the space easier to navigate through. Updating the dining room table to fit a wheelchair makes eating meals a lot simpler. Changes to the home don’t have to be permanent, but can help an individual recovering from a stroke stay safe and adjust quicker.

Keep your doctor’s appointments consistent

Whether it’s checkups for blood tests or physical therapy, don’t let your doctor’s appointments slip away. Maintain a regular schedule of doctor’s appointments as needed to ensure that your body is healing properly. To help with this, Care to Continue provides Stroke Care that includes transportation to appointments. Family and friends won’t have to miss work to transport their loved ones to appointments, and individuals recovering from a stroke will have the support they need through their recovery.

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